3 Signs You Should Choose Asphalt For Your Driveway Instead Of Concrete


If you're thinking about putting in a driveway, then you might be trying to decide if you should choose asphalt or concrete. If you look around at other people's homes, you will probably see that both options are very popular. These are a few signs that asphalt might be the better choice for your project: 1. You Want to Be Able to Use it Immediately If you're hoping that you will be able to use your driveway immediately, you might find that asphalt is a better choice.

26 October 2017

Two Green Driveway Paving Options


Your driveway will eventually look like it's in disrepair with fading and cracks that have formed over the years. While you can patch problems as they come up, they will only be quick fixes instead of long-term solutions. If the time has come to repave your driveway, you may be looking into more environmentally friendly options for completing this home improvement job. There are two methods you can use that will be more green.

19 July 2017

A Quick Look At The Process Of Getting A New Asphalt Driveway


If you're tired of a dirt or gravel driveway and want to put in something more permanent, asphalt is a good choice. Asphalt can be placed on long driveways with a paving machine, and it can also be put in tight places manually. Paving goes fast and you can usually drive on the asphalt in a couple of days. Most of the hard work required is in building the base. Here is a quick overview of what you can expect if you choose to have a new asphalt driveway installed.

9 June 2017