Winter Recommendations To Install And Keep Up Maintenance On Your New Asphalt Pavement


Installing a new asphalt driveway is a great improvement project for your home. But you need to make sure you plan for an installation at the right time of year and keep up on its maintenance all year long. Here are some recommendations to help install your new paving project and keep up on its maintenance for an ideal and long-lasting surface. Consider the Weather Before you make plans for a new asphalt driveway installation on your property, you should make sure you have the right weather conditions for the project.

30 December 2020

Five Signs You May Need A New Asphalt Parking Lot


Not all asphalt parking lot problems can be easily repaired. If your lot is suffering any of the following problems, you may need to have the old lot removed and a new one installed. 1. Extensive Cracks Certain types of cracks are symptomatic of major issues with the paving. Generally, if a network of cracks forms, similar to a web or net in appearance, then patching the cracks won't solve the problem.

8 October 2020

Caring For A Stamped Concrete Patio: What You Need To Know


Having a stamped concrete patio installed on your property can be a great way to add style and elegance to your outdoor entertainment space. Specifically, stamped concrete refers to concrete that has been imprinted or textured to mimic the appearance of stone, brick, or other material--often at a fraction of the price. Whether you've recently purchased a home with a stamped concrete patio or are thinking about having one installed on your property, knowing how to care for stamped concrete is a must.

29 July 2020

Asphalt Paving Annual Maintenance Checklist


Spring and early summer is the time to focus on the major parking lot maintenance tasks. The following five-point checklist can help you know what to do to keep your lot in great shape. 1. Deep Clean the Lot Bring in a parking lot sweeper service to deep clean your lot. A sweeper removes not just loose debris and trash, but they also remove stains from oil or winter salt and any chemicals and pollutants that could be eating away at your paving.

14 May 2020

3 Things That A Good Construction Company Will Do When Talking To You About A Job


You might have a construction project in mind, and you might be looking for the right construction crew to help you. When you do finally meet with a professional from a construction company, you will probably want to watch out for these three things. Then, you can help improve your chances of hiring a construction company that you can count on during your construction project. 1. Provide References and Information About Their Company

17 October 2019

The Pros And Cons Of A Half-Circle Asphalt Driveway


Having an asphalt driveway installed on your property is an exciting thing. This one change will alter both the functionality and appeal of the property, and you have to be careful about the choices you make. Many homeowners are infatuated with the idea of having a half-circle driveway installed, and it is for good reason. Take a look at some of the pros and cons of these driveways to help you make the best decision.

14 April 2019

Does Your Commercial Property Have A Bad Parking Lot? What To Do Now For Better Rental Interest


If you are thinking that you want to fix the bad looking parking lot, you have outside a commercial property that you own and rent, but you aren't sure if you want to swing the money, talk with the asphalt company in your area to get a quote. You want to find out how much it's going to cost to have all of the damages repaired, and then a new coat of asphalt put on, and know that you are making a great investment for your business.

28 August 2018

3 Signs You Should Choose Asphalt For Your Driveway Instead Of Concrete


If you're thinking about putting in a driveway, then you might be trying to decide if you should choose asphalt or concrete. If you look around at other people's homes, you will probably see that both options are very popular. These are a few signs that asphalt might be the better choice for your project: 1. You Want to Be Able to Use it Immediately If you're hoping that you will be able to use your driveway immediately, you might find that asphalt is a better choice.

26 October 2017

Two Green Driveway Paving Options


Your driveway will eventually look like it's in disrepair with fading and cracks that have formed over the years. While you can patch problems as they come up, they will only be quick fixes instead of long-term solutions. If the time has come to repave your driveway, you may be looking into more environmentally friendly options for completing this home improvement job. There are two methods you can use that will be more green.

19 July 2017

A Quick Look At The Process Of Getting A New Asphalt Driveway


If you're tired of a dirt or gravel driveway and want to put in something more permanent, asphalt is a good choice. Asphalt can be placed on long driveways with a paving machine, and it can also be put in tight places manually. Paving goes fast and you can usually drive on the asphalt in a couple of days. Most of the hard work required is in building the base. Here is a quick overview of what you can expect if you choose to have a new asphalt driveway installed.

9 June 2017