Winter Recommendations To Install And Keep Up Maintenance On Your New Asphalt Pavement


Installing a new asphalt driveway is a great improvement project for your home. But you need to make sure you plan for an installation at the right time of year and keep up on its maintenance all year long. Here are some recommendations to help install your new paving project and keep up on its maintenance for an ideal and long-lasting surface.

Consider the Weather

Before you make plans for a new asphalt driveway installation on your property, you should make sure you have the right weather conditions for the project. If you live in a northern climate that has cold winters with snow and ice, you may need to wait until the weather warms in the spring before you can hire the asphalt installation. You may be able to arrange for your asphalt installation in early winter if the ground has not frozen yet and the winter is still mild with temperatures that are warmer than normal. Contact your asphalt professional about this proposal and make sure the weather is dry before you proceed with your new driveway installation.

The reason for waiting for the weather to warm up and dry out is because a hot mix asphalt installation needs above freezing temperatures to properly be poured and compacted into a solid surface. If you were to pour hot mix asphalt onto the frozen prepared ground, it would cool too quickly, and cause the asphalt to become hard and brittle before it can be compacted. Any ice in the ground below the asphalt layer will also cause it to crack and swell before spring arrives.

Plan For Proper Maintenance

When your asphalt begins to show signs of damage, either from the weather conditions or from vehicle wear and fluid spills, you will need to be able to repair and maintain the asphalt. This can require you to complete repairs whenever they become necessary. For example, after a harsh winter storm with freezing and thawing fluctuations in the weather, you notice a few potholes have formed in your driveway. If you allow these potholes to remain until spring when you can use a hot mix asphalt to repair the potholes, you run the risk of the holes becoming worse and expanding into surrounding asphalt. 

Therefore, you can and should arrange for a cold mix asphalt repair to fully patch the damage, either yourself or with your local asphalt paving contractor. First, remove any loose debris within the pothole and clean up the edges of the hole to boost the patch quality. Apply a bagged cold mix asphalt patch into the hole, compacting it with a compactor to remove any air from the repair. Because you are using cold mix repair, it is not at risk of cooling too quickly as a hot mix will, and you can work with the material to maintain your asphalt's surface.

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30 December 2020

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