Asphalt Paving Annual Maintenance Checklist


Spring and early summer is the time to focus on the major parking lot maintenance tasks. The following five-point checklist can help you know what to do to keep your lot in great shape.

1. Deep Clean the Lot

Bring in a parking lot sweeper service to deep clean your lot. A sweeper removes not just loose debris and trash, but they also remove stains from oil or winter salt and any chemicals and pollutants that could be eating away at your paving. Many cleaning services also check the stormwater drains around your lot to make sure they are clear and working properly. This single task goes a long way toward preventing damage.

2. Fill Cracks

Cracks form for a myriad of reasons, but most of them are completely repairable. Your contractor may fill wide cracks with a fiber roll first, then they will fill the area with hot asphalt. The roll provides some elasticity, which allows the repaired area to respond to thermal contractions without cracking a second time. Smaller cracks may only need to be filled with asphalt.

3. Repair Potholes

Potholes are much more deleterious than cracks. The damage can sometimes go quite deep into the paving and affect the base. Potholes also tend to grow quickly, and they pose a danger to vehicles driving over them. Fortunately, a contractor can clean out a pothole and apply a hot asphalt patch to fix the problem. When done correctly, the repair can last for many years.

4. Sealcoat or Resurface

Most parking lots benefit from an annual sealcoat application, particularly lots that have a lot of traffic or are exposed to excessive weathering. Sealcoating puts down a protective layer over the asphalt that helps the paving repel dirt, stains, and water. For older lots with a degrading surface or those that have undergone extensive repairs, resurfacing may be necessary. This infrequent process puts now a couple of inches of fresh asphalt over the lot, effectively giving it the appearance and much of the performance of a whole new parking lot.

5. Reline

After seal coating or resurfacing, you must reline the lot. Old lines fade, and seal coating can make them even harder to see while resurfacing erases the old lines completely. An asphalt striping contractor will put down new lines, repaint curbs and loading zones, and even paint any traffic directions, such as ADA parking symbols and directional arrows. To learn more information about asphalt paving, reach out to a company such as Mariotti Site Development Co Inc


14 May 2020

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