Does Your Commercial Property Have A Bad Parking Lot? What To Do Now For Better Rental Interest


If you are thinking that you want to fix the bad looking parking lot, you have outside a commercial property that you own and rent, but you aren't sure if you want to swing the money, talk with the asphalt company in your area to get a quote. You want to find out how much it's going to cost to have all of the damages repaired, and then a new coat of asphalt put on, and know that you are making a great investment for your business. Here are some of the things that you have to consider.

Improve Tenant Interest

When a potential tenant drives on the smooth surface of a new and great looking parking lot, it's going to attract them to the property and help make them want to rent out the office space. This is a great selling feature for the tenant as well, especially if you have freshly-painted lines and you can optimize the number of parking spots in the area. List this on your ad for rental interest.

Maintain Property Value

Maintaining the value of the property is important, and keeping up with the exterior, especially the parking lot is an important part of keeping up the property value. You want to have the asphalt company come in and fill in all the potholes or damages, and then seal all the existing asphalt. This way it all looks new, fresh, and black, and the property looks well-maintained from anyone examining the exterior.

Keep the Property Safe

Part of filling in holes and cracks is also to keep the parking lot safe. You don't want people tripping, slipping, or falling because of flaws in the surface. You also don't want people getting vehicle damages because they are driving on bumps and in bad potholes. Keep the property maintained, so it's safe for all.

Once you have all the damages repaired and you have invested the money to have a new coat of sealant put on, you will be able to easily maintain it over time, so it doesn't get bad like that again. As a commercial property owner, you want to be sure that you are providing the best property possible to your tenants, and this means paying attention to the outside of the property as well as the inside of the property. Get a contractor to evaluate the work that has to be done and go from there.

For more information, contact your local parking lot maintenance service. 


28 August 2018

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