Two Green Driveway Paving Options


Your driveway will eventually look like it's in disrepair with fading and cracks that have formed over the years. While you can patch problems as they come up, they will only be quick fixes instead of long-term solutions. If the time has come to repave your driveway, you may be looking into more environmentally friendly options for completing this home improvement job. There are two methods you can use that will be more green.

Permeable Concrete

For those that want to be eco-friendly, there is a new innovation in paving known as permeable concrete. Normal concrete is non-porous and will not let water seep through the surface. This can cause problems when water will run off a driveway and take pollutants and all kinds of contaminants to the sewer drain in the street. The concrete also deprives the soil underneath of any moisture.

Switching to permeable concrete will fix the problem because the material is porous. The water can pass through all the microscopic holes in the permeable concrete and reach the soil below. The permeable concrete is able to drain water at a rate of 4 inches per minute. This means the concrete is more than capable of draining water during a heavy rainstorm.

While this is a wonderful innovation in concrete, you will have difficulties finding the material at hardware stores. A paving contractor can help assist with the installation of the concrete.

Ribbon Driveway

Want your driveway to look a bit unique? Consider replacing your existing concrete with a ribbon driveway. This type of driveway will use two concrete strips that are big enough to accommodate car tires, with the rest of the driveway being covered in grass. A ribbon driveway provides better water run-off since the grass that surrounds the concrete will help absorb excess water.

In addition, constructing a ribbon driveway will be more affordable. This is due to needing less concrete material to construct the driveway, and less labor due to there being a lower square footage of concrete.

Needing a concrete driveway should not cause you to make unnecessary compromises when it comes to the environmental impact you make. These two paving methods prove that there are alternative methods that can meet your needs. With this information in mind, you can now make a well informed decision about the green paving method that you use for your home's driveway. Reach out to local paving contractors for assistance with the installation.


19 July 2017

Making That Concrete Special

Your driveway serves a lot of purposes, but is looks one of them? Although you might not think that it is possible to beautify that boring, gray concrete, the fact of the matter is that with concrete contractors, anything is possible. In addition to dying your cement and adding interesting details, concrete contractors can also cut in interesting etchings or add a cobblestone border around your existing space. The goal of my blog is to inform the general public about all of the incredible services paving contractors offer these days. By reading through this blog, you might be able to make your driveway the focal point of your yard.