A Quick Look At The Process Of Getting A New Asphalt Driveway


If you're tired of a dirt or gravel driveway and want to put in something more permanent, asphalt is a good choice. Asphalt can be placed on long driveways with a paving machine, and it can also be put in tight places manually. Paving goes fast and you can usually drive on the asphalt in a couple of days. Most of the hard work required is in building the base. Here is a quick overview of what you can expect if you choose to have a new asphalt driveway installed.

Choose The Season

Asphalt goes on hot and it has to be spread and compacted before it cools. For that reason, paving contractors don't usually install driveways in the winter when it's cold. Spring and early summer are the ideal times for working with asphalt. The only drawback with putting in the driveway in the spring is it coincides with spring rains. Your contractor needs to install the asphalt on a dry day. Fortunately, pouring on the asphalt goes quickly, so it is usually easy to get the job done around rainy days.

Build The Base From The Ground Up

Even if you have a base for your gravel or dirt driveway now, the contractor will prepare a suitable base that slopes properly for the asphalt. The driveway needs to have a slight slant to the side so water drains off quickly. Also, the base must be strong and compacted to support the asphalt and keep it from compacting. Once the base has been created and compacted, the paving contractor may recommend letting it settle for several days before applying the asphalt.

Spread And Compact The Asphalt

If your driveway is long enough, the asphalt will be applied with a machine that compacts and smooths the surface. Applying the asphalt with a machine is preferred because the surface is uniform in appearance when done. However, the asphalt can also be spread manually and then compacted with a smaller machine that looks similar to a push mower. Asphalt is a mixture of rocks and sand that is bound together with a cement and petroleum compound. It is poured onto your driveway when it is hot, and it must be spread and compacted before it is cool. It requires some skill to install an asphalt driveway properly because of the timing and handling of the asphalt as it's cooling.

Once the driveway has cooled completely, you'll be able to drive on it. Your paving contractor will let you know how soon that will be. The outdoor temperature and humidity levels come into play, but you may be able to park on the asphalt in a day or two. Even so, it takes several months for the asphalt to cure completely, so you want to be careful with it during this time or you could leave marks on the surface by doing things like making sharp turns with your wheels or dragging metal across the driveway.Visit a site like http://www.harrispavingindustries.com for more help.


9 June 2017

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