What Causes Car Tires To Make Dents In A New Asphalt Driveway?


Asphalt is very tough, but for a while after it's installed it needs special care in order to look and function its best. This FAQ will address a problem that some people experience as a result of improper asphalt care.

What causes car tires to make dents in a new asphalt driveway?

When asphalt is first installed, it is relatively soft. During that time, asphalt is easily dented or warped by heavy or pointed objects. Asphalt is especially vulnerable to these problems when the weather outside is very warm and the sun is shining, because heat causes asphalt to soften. If your car's tires have put dents in your new asphalt driveway, this is likely because the car was parked for too long or too many times in the same location on the asphalt. This caused the asphalt to change shape and mold itself around the shape of the tires, creating dents.

What can you do to fix the problem if your tires put dents in your new asphalt driveway?

If your tires have made dents in the asphalt, the only way to fix the problem is by working with a residential paving contractor. Contact a reputable paving contractor in your area.

How can you protect your driveway in the future?

There are many things you can do to prevent this from happening again. For example:

  • Avoid parking your car in the same position every day. If you drive your car every day, make a point of parking the car in a different location each night when you come home.
  • Avoid placing placing pointed objects on your driveway. For example, do not use a bike or motorcycle kick stand on your driveway. Also avoid placing card tables and folding chairs on your driveway.
  • If you must place something pointed on your driveway, distribute the weight over a wide area. For example, if you choose to sit in a folding chair on your driveway, place the folding chair on top of a board. This will distribute the chair's weight and help prevent the chair from sinking into the asphalt.

Will your driveway always be soft enough to be dented by heavy objects?

Asphalt goes through a curing and hardening process over the course of a couple years. After about two years, the asphalt will have hardened enough that you can leave heavy objects parked for long periods of time on the asphalt without any problems. 


28 July 2016

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