Three Reasons To Use RAP When You Can't Patch Anymore


If you have an asphalt driveway or private road on your property, you know that this is one of the easier materials to deal with because you can easily patch cracks and replace sections, rather than having to repave the entire driveway to fix a broken section. However, there comes a point when you just can't patch anymore because you've already patched so much of the driveway. Should you reach this point and decide to repave the whole thing, you may want to use recycled asphalt product, or RAP. Old sections of asphalt are ground up and reused as both filler and the asphalt layer. Here are three reasons why you might want to use this.

Less Wasteful

By grinding up and reusing the asphalt, you're wasting less material. Less goes to landfills (where it would just sit forever because asphalt doesn't degrade like paper), less needs to be manufactured from scratch -- and that also means less pollution enters the atmosphere from that process -- and less needs to be transported from a main factory far away.

Much Cheaper

RAP is also going to save you money because the overall costs that go into making it are less. Just as there's less manufacturing needed to create asphalt from scratch, there's less money that's needed by the company to cover the costs of creating RAP vs. new asphalt. You're not paying for new materials, either. If you want a budget-friendly way to repave your driveway or road, RAP can help you keep those costs down.

More Durable

Because RAP is made from old asphalt, it contains bits of the tar and binders used in the original paving. This benefits you when you reuse the asphalt because that tar and those binders help keep the asphalt particles together, reinforcing the new binders and tar added by the workers who are repaving your driveway. Plus, RAP tends to have better drainage, allowing water to trickle through to the ground below. Without that drainage, water can be trapped between the particles of asphalt, and in winter, the water can freeze and cause cracking. If the water can drain away though, then there's less worry about ice expansion ruining the asphalt.

If you want to know more about RAP, contact paving contractors and construction supply companies. The staff at both of these types of companies should be able to tell you about what they've seen work well for other customers. Click here to learn more about asphalt patching.


13 June 2016

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