Does Your Subdivion Need New Sidwalks? Reasons To Consider Asphalt


If everyone in your subdivision is complaining about the condition of the old sidewalks, it may be time to consider replacing them instead of repairing the concrete. If people like to run, use strollers and bike around your subdivision, concrete may not be the best paving option. Instead, asphalt could be the best solution.

Asphalt can be poured over the existing concrete to reduce time and removal costs when changing out the sidewalks and it cools quickly and be used within hours of being poured, depending on thickness and temperature outside. Here are a few reasons you should get an estimate and talk with your neighbors and the HOA about making the change to asphalt.

Smooth Ride

The asphalt will be seamless, so it provides a smooth ride or run, to help prevent falls and tripping. You don't have to worry about bikes getting jolted because of cracks, or little kids tripping on ledges or splits in the concrete. This makes rollerblading or riding a scooter easier as well, and reduces wear on tires compared to textured concrete. This keeps people on the sidewalks instead of trying to use items with wheels or run on the roads because they don't like uneven surfaces.

Weather Resistant

Asphalt will adapt to changing temperatures by expanding during hot days when the sun is hot, and by contracting when temperatures lower. This prevents breaking, potholes and separation throughout the year. Frost and ice won't affect the asphalt either.

No Staining

If a child drops a snow cone on concrete or a car parks over the concrete and oil leaks, there are going to be stains. You don't have to worry about staining with asphalt because it's black, and sealing it over the years will help keep it impermeable and protected from staining and fading.

Easy Maintenance

If a pothole forms or there are any blemishes or issues with the asphalt, asphalt is easy to repair. New asphalt can easily be placed over the spot where there are flaws. If concrete gets damaged, the entire area has to be dug out and poured, which is expensive and time consuming.

If you are going to an HOA meeting or you are talking with the neighbors about getting the sidewalks in your neighborhood redone, talk with everyone about the possibility of having asphalt paths installed instead. There are many advantages that will help make your subdivision more enjoyable for everyone to use. Contact Precision Lawn & Landscaping for more information.


17 November 2015

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