Four Alternative Paving Materials For A Greener Driveway


Driveways are so ubiquitous and unassuming that many homeowners never stop to consider their options when a renovation is necessary. But the standard asphalt driveway is beginning to receive some scrutiny for its contributions to the heat island effect, flash flooding, and manufacturing pollution. Thankfully, there are now several alternative driveway paving materials that can both combat these negative effects while still providing a sturdy, long-lasting and attractive driveway.  

Recycled Glass

The idea of using crushed glass to pave a driveway may call to mind unfortunate images of popping tires, but recycled glass is actually an efficient, safe and environmentally friendly way to dispose of all those old bottles. The glass is usually crushed and then smoothed down so that no sharp edges remain, and then bound with other materials with resin. The result is a beautiful, hard surface that can range from standard gray or black to vivid shades of blue and green. Furthermore, this form of paving is porous, allowing water to flow into the ground rather than down a storm drain. 

Crushed Seashells

Seashells are another seemingly counter-intuitive material for driveways, but they can be an elegant, all-natural replacement for pavement. Shells are ground up to a gravel-like consistency and then applied thickly over a gravel base. As your car travels over the shells, they are eventually worn down to a hard-packed powder that stands up well to regular wear and tear and harsh weather. Not only are these shells permeable, but they also contain vital nutrients that seep into the soil over time, feeding any nearby plants. 

Tiles and Grass

Tile driveways are an old favorite, but some creative landscapers have devised a way to create perhaps the greenest driveway of all: one that incorporates living plants into its driving surface. By installing tiles with grass in place of grout, you can have a strong, functional driveway that still manages to keep the ground below healthy and unpolluted. Better yet, your driveway will become its own form of landscaping and a centerpiece of your yard, a living testament to your commitment to help save the environment. 

Recycled Asphalt

If you want to install a more eco-friendly driveway but are still hesitant to move away from traditional asphalt, you still have options. Recycled asphalt is collected from old streets and driveways, broken down into small chunks and then compacted together again to form a newer, stronger surface. Although this pavement still contributes to environmental problems like heat radiation and water runoff, the use of recycled materials removes some of the pollution involved in manufacturing asphalt and gives already-manufactured asphalt a longer lifespan to offset its initial pollution contribution. No matter what you end up choosing, consult with your paving contractor to get a better idea of what is accessible, affordable and feasible for your home's driveway. 

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20 October 2015

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Your driveway serves a lot of purposes, but is looks one of them? Although you might not think that it is possible to beautify that boring, gray concrete, the fact of the matter is that with concrete contractors, anything is possible. In addition to dying your cement and adding interesting details, concrete contractors can also cut in interesting etchings or add a cobblestone border around your existing space. The goal of my blog is to inform the general public about all of the incredible services paving contractors offer these days. By reading through this blog, you might be able to make your driveway the focal point of your yard.