Four Questions to Ask Yourself When Choosing between an Asphalt or Concrete Driveway


If you are wondering whether your driveway should be constructed with asphalt or concrete, here are four questions you'll want to ask yourself to help you choose.

1. Which works best for the climate I live in?

If you live in a part of the country with a warmer climate, there are advantages to going with concrete. Because it's stronger and harder than asphalt, concrete doesn't get soft in the summer heat. Also, because it is lighter in color, it stays cooler than dark-colored asphalt. The dark color of asphalt is an advantage, however, if you live in areas with cold winter weather. Because asphalt is darker and warmer, snow and ice melts more quickly on this type of material. Asphalt is also not damaged by salt, a substance often used to help ice melt.

2. What will my budget allow?

Driveways made out of asphalt can be nearly one third of the cost of ones made of concrete. If cost is your main concern when choosing between asphalt or concrete, asphalt might be the way to go. Also, you might want to consider asphalt if you have a particularly long driveway that requires a lot of material to be used.

3. How much work do I want to put into maintenance?

If your main concern is the amount of maintenance required, both concrete and asphalt driveways will need regular upkeep. While concrete driveways are less susceptible to damage, asphalt is generally easier and less expensive to repair. Cracks in asphalt driveways can easily be taken care of by homeowners in most instances.

Concrete driveways can last up to 50 years compared to ones made out of asphalt, which typically last between 25 and 30 years. No matter which type of driveway you choose, proper sealing will improve the appearance of your driveway, help to prevent cracking and make it last longer.

4. How concerned about appearance am I? 

The appearance of your driveway is completely up to you. If you want a dark, smooth-looking driveway, you might want to think about going with asphalt. If you prefer a lighter yet sturdier look, concrete might be right for you. When it comes to appearance and adding beauty to your home, you simply have to choose whichever one appeals the most to you.

Answering these four questions will help give you a better idea of whether or not you want a concrete or asphalt driveway. Once you've made your decision, paving contractors like Quast Paving can help construct it for you.


24 June 2015

Making That Concrete Special

Your driveway serves a lot of purposes, but is looks one of them? Although you might not think that it is possible to beautify that boring, gray concrete, the fact of the matter is that with concrete contractors, anything is possible. In addition to dying your cement and adding interesting details, concrete contractors can also cut in interesting etchings or add a cobblestone border around your existing space. The goal of my blog is to inform the general public about all of the incredible services paving contractors offer these days. By reading through this blog, you might be able to make your driveway the focal point of your yard.